WWE Viewers Choice Results

WWE Viewers Choice Results – Last night made for a great show during the Monday Night RAW WWE Viewer’s choice. The event that was filmed in American Airlines Arena in Miami saw a number of famous faces show up to the event. The first thing that fans saw during was Randy Orton coming out despite the fact that his arm was in a sling due to a recent injury that he suffered while performing. The crowd went nuts, and they quickly started wresting. Edge was unhappy with the decision by the crowd, because he would have to have had one arm tied behind his back in order to compete fairly with Randy Orton.

Then, out came Big Show and Jericho. They were going to have a body slamming match, and Jericho was able to take the win in the competition. They were quickly followed by Matt Striker, who introduced the tag team match between Tyson Kidd and DH Smith, who were going up against The Great Khali and Hornswoggle. The Hart Dynasty was able to come out on top. There was a small interruption at that point while they played a movie trailer for the A-Team movie that is coming out this summer, then right back to the match.
Santino and Vladmir Kozlov had a dance off that was hilarious, with Kozlov taking the victory. the diva match featured a 6 on 6 female wrestling match that pitted basically all of the famous female wrestlers in WWE against on another.
Then, Sheamus and Kane fought with Kane taking the easy win from him.
All in all, the night was hilarious and entertaining at the same time. The crowd loved the fact that they were able to make the choices, and also the fact that every option they were given was one that they wanted to see.

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