WWE SmackDown Results March 05 2010


WWE SmackDown Results March 05 2010 – Smack Down aired on USA last night where the main event was Big Show versus Edge – but the truth of the matter the episode was a giant campaign for the upcoming Wrestlemania XXVI where Shawn Michaels may or may not end The Undertakers winning streak.Here are the results Smack Down 3/6/2010.

Match #1:Drew McIntyre versus Matt Hardy with Justin Gabriel in a Money in the Bank Qualifying Match.
Despite the fact that Drew dominated the first half of the fight and almost claimed victory with a double underhook DDT – Hardy was able to turn the table around by reversing a jackknife cover and win the match.

Match #2: Shelton Benjamin versus Dolph Ziggler in a Battle of Money in the Bank Participants.
This was a very intense match where both wrestlers brought out their best moves.The knee and neck breakers,belly-to-back suplex, the German suplex and the sleeper all came in handy.After all was said and done Shelton Benjamin walked away as the winner.

Match #3:Jimmy Wang Yang versus Ezekiel Jackson
A very short fight where Ezekiel Jackson easily pinned Jimmy Wang Yang for the win.

Match #4:Luke Gallows with CM Punk and Serena versus Rey Mysterio
The brawl started off with Gallows giving a knee and forearm to Rey and taking over the match as if his opponent was sleeping.There was a commercial break and for some unknown reason the dynamics of the match completely changed when the show returned.Rey used all he had to beat both Punk and Luke.

Match #5:John Morrison and R Truth versus Cryme Tyme versus David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd with Natalya in a Number One Contenders Match for the Unified Tag Titles
Instead of ducking it out Shad and Morrison got in the ring to chit chat about Wrestlemania.At some point JTG tried to save the boring battle – but too late Truth rapidly came in with the flying corkscrew forearm for the three count.

The main event/Match #6:Big Show versus Edge
With Big Show’s size advantage ,you would think this match would be child play for him-well think again.It was hands down the most captivating rumble of the night where Edge held his ground and triumphed but only to have his moment ruined by Chris Jericho who attempted to hit him with a belt.
What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on SmackDown Results.

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