WWE Smackdown Results July 9 2010

WWE Smackdown Results July 9 2010 – The most recent WWE Smackdown was one of the most exciting that we have seen in a number of months. All of the matches had some very top-talent wrestlers fighting, and they lived up to their potential for the most part. In the first triple threat match, Dolph Ziggler matched up against Chavo Guerro and MVO. The match was a hard fought battle, but ultimately Dolph Ziggler was able to come out on top.

The second match was the tag team contest. It featured Christian & Matt Hardy vs. Curt Hawkins and Vance Archer. Christian and Matt have been fighting as of late, but the match turned out to be a great one. It ended relatively fast, but was action packed, with Matt Hardy going for the tag but being yanked from behind and out of the ring by Christian.

Drew McIntyre was able to beat Kofi Kingston but it was a brawl .The highlight of the match was when Drew clotheslined Kofi to the ground, but then missed on the leg drop. Kofi doubled chopped him, and then was body slammed. Drew outfought Kofi throughout the match.
Cody Rhodes was able to beat JTG in a quick match.
In the main event rematch event, Jack Swagger was pitted against the Big Show. Big Show body slammed Swagger to the mat on several occasions, but Swagger fought back with a disgusting Flying Apple followed by a running shoulder block. The match ended in a double count out.

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