WWE Smackdown Results – Friday August 20 2010

WWE Smackdown Results – Friday August 20 2010 – WWE Smackdown results for 08.20.10 can be found here. Last night there were only 4 matches that included Alberto Del Rio first match was against Rey Mysterio, we also watched Dolph Ziggler defend his Intercontinental Title against Kofi Kingston and Christian battled it out with Drew McIntyre .
Here is a recap of the episode:
Match One: Intercontinental Championship- Dolph Ziggler vs. Kofi Kingston
It was a great opener for the show where the two men really put up a great fight.

But at the second half of the match which was after the commercial break Ziggler had a chinlock on Kingston was able to break free .Ziggler later attempts a neckbreaker which gets reversed into a jawbreaker
The winner was Kofi Kingston via disqualification therefore Dolph Ziggler keeps the Intercontinental Championship.

Match Two: Luke Gallows/Serena vs. Big Show/Kelly Kelly
After the announcers revealed that this was Serena’s first match in WWE, I knew she was going to win and she did using the gutbuster on Kelly.

Match Three: Christian vs. Drew McIntyre
McIntyre really destroyed his opponent’s shoulders and later tries to afflict more pain with a Future Shock DDT but Christian escapes.
From there on the fight was Christian’s own who went for a Killswitch and the victory.

Match Four: Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio
As I stated before, it was Alberto Del Rio’s first match so of course he won.
Despite the fact that Mysterio spent half of the match pounding away at Del Rio, he was able to corner Mysterio and apply an armbar for the win.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on WWE Smackdown Results.

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