WWE SmackDown Results Friday April 23rd 2010


WWE SmackDown Results Friday April 23rd 2010 can be found here. Last night was the last time you could see some of Smackdown’s famous wrestlers because on Monday the annual WWE Draft will take place meaning that some of fighters will leave while new ones will arrive.
Here is the recap of the episode:
Match 1:World Heavyweight Champion Jack Swagger vs. John Morrison
Swagger who will soon lose the WWE championship to Randy Orton did what he could in the ring,he even had couple of opportunities to demonstrate his impressive skills by using his famous powerbomb,but at the end of the day John Morrison came out victorious.

Match 2:R-Truth & Matt Hardy vs. Intercontinental Champion Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler
It was a weird match where it had appeared as if Matt Hardy was supposed to win but things got a bit crazy at the end.Ziggler had the sleeper hold locked in on Matt Hardy who was asked by the ref if he wanted to continue the battle and despite saying yes the ref ended the match declaring Drew McIntyre & Dolph Ziggler as the winners.

Match 3:JTG vs. Mike Knox
It was a battle inspired by the Romans and Titans with JTG finishing as the victor.

Match 4:Mickie James & Beth Phoenix vs. Team LayCool w/Vickie Guerrero
Team LayCool easily won this match and for the fans out there expect some drastic moves to be made with Mickie James.

Match 5:S.E.S. (CM Punk & Luke Gallows w/ Serena) vs. Rey Mysterio & Kane
The match opened with the camera zooming on a barber chair at ringside which means that Punk is going to shave a head .
Despite the fact that Rey seriously dominated the show S.E.S. (CM Punk & Luke Gallows w/Serena) came out victorious.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on SmackDown Results.

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