WWE SmackDown Results For November 19, 2010

WWE SmackDown Results for November 19, 2010 can be found here. We had another pretty exciting episode of WWE SmackDown last night mainly because this is the last show before Survivor Series takes place – so let us dive into the matches that were held.

Before the first match Alberto Del Rio talked about his incredible match that took place this past Monday.
While talking MVP came out and challenged Del Rio.

Match 1: MVP vs. Drew McIntyre
It was a fast fight where MVP came out as the victor.
After the fight the camera caught Edge torturing Paul Bearer who was in a wheelchair backstage.

Match 2: Chris Masters vs. Jack Swagger
Using the ankle lock Jack Swagger was able to beat Masters.
Out of nowhere Ziggler popped up and said that he will expose Kaval.

Match 3: Kaval vs. Dolph Ziggler
Kaval came out of no where to win this one.

Match 4: Kofi Kingston vs. Cody Rhodes
One of the longest fights of the night where Rhodes grabbed Kingston by the hair used the Cross Rhodes for the win.
Meanwhile Kane was spotted backstage looking for Bearer.

Match 5: Michelle McCool /Layla vs. Natalya /Kelly Kelly
The Lay-Cool team defeated Kelly Kelly and Layla Natalya.

Meanwhile backstage Edge attacked Kane and then placed him in Bearer’s wheelchair.
Match 6: Big Show vs. Tyler Reks
Tyler was able to beat Big Show using a chokeslam.

Match 7:Alberto Del Rio vs. Rey Mysterio
Del Rio defeated Mysterio via DQ thanks to his team members who stepped out to beat the crap out of Rey.

Match 8:10-Man Survivor Series Showdown Battle Royal
Chris Masters eliminated Cody Rhodes
Reks eliminated Masters
Kingston eliminated Reks
McInyre eliminated Kingston
The River eliminated MVP
Show eliminated Drew
Rey Del Rio is eliminated
Big Show eliminated Swagger
Winner: Big Show

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on WWE SmackDown Results.

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