WWE Smackdown Results 2/12/10

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WWE Smackdown Results 2/12/10 – WWE Smackdown Results 2/12/10 can be found here.WWE SmackDown aired last night on MyNetworkTV with Jericho Vs Undertaker as the main event and where R-Truth and John Morrison competed for the very first time.Here are the results of the 6 matches that took place on Friday night.

Match 1: Rey Mysterio vs CM Punk :
This was one of the longest matches of the evening where Punk really dominated the first half of the fight but at the end Rey won thanks to a reverse Hurracarana roll up.Remember when we said that the battle between the two men was long,well even when the fight ended,it was not really over.While Rey Mysterio was celebrating his big win ,he was attacked from behind by Gallows and Serena.

Match 2: Drew Mcintyre vs Kane
Drew Mcintyre unveiled his new entrance,theme and picked up the mic to share his thoughts.After the long talk,the match commenced with Kane and Drew outside of the ring.The entire match more or less took place off the mate with both Kane and Mcintyre getting a double count out.
Match 3: Mickie James vs Layla & Michelle McCool – Handicap Match
The drama started before the bell even rang with Michelle getting beat up as she removed her shoes and entered the ring.After couple of punches and hair pulling Layla & Michelle McCool were crowned the obvious winners.
After a short talk between Josh Matthews and Batista,we moved on to the other match.
Match 4: Matt Hardy & Khali w/Maria vs The Hart Dynasty
After Matt special comment where he said: “I want to wish each of you a happy valentines day in advance. Y’know we all know my partner the Punjabi Playboy, he always has a great valentines day. This year i am going to have the best valentines day ever. Let me introduce to each and every one of you my special valentine: Maria” the fight finally took place.
Khali and Smith were the first on the mate but rapidly Kidd and Hardy got in the ring and fought till the end with Hardy winning thanks to a reverse roll.
Match 5: R-Truth vs John Morrison
This match happened very fast with Morrison hurting his ankle and becoming unable to compete and therefore making R-Truth the winner.
Match 6: Jericho Vs Undertaker
It was an intense match where both wrestlers put out their A game.After all was said and done Jericho won the match thanks to Edge countless appearances and disturbance during the brawl.
What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on WWE Smackdown Results.

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