WWE Smackdown Results 10/8/10

WWE Smackdown Results 10/8/10 can be found here. WWE Smackdown has been doing all that it can to remain exciting but we are not sure that the fans are happy with the same old wrestlers.
Let us move on to tonight’s show.

The show opened with Teddy Long debuting Edge, who had been traded for Raw GM. Many fans were interested to see how Edge did in his return to the ring. We are happy to say that his introduction leads to a match where Edge will beat The Spear handedly in a matter of minutes.

Then, Layla, alongside Michelle McCool beat Kelly Kelly and Natalya. A fair amount of drama was ensured after the match when Layla tried to attack Natlya.

Eventually Natalya ran her off and chase her out of the building.
The Big Show recently informed fans that he is the captain for the Smackdown team at Bragging Rights. During the show The Dudebusters came out and say that they want to be a part of Team Smackdown. Show laughs at them, then choke slams both of them in denial of their request.

Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre were able to beat Kofi Kingston and Kaval. Then we got to see the renowned Paul Bearer come out with Kane and explain to fans why he turned on The Undertaker.
You can also look forward to Rey Mysterio returning against Alberto Del Rio, and beating him easily.
So to recap:
Edge beat Jack Swagger
Layla beat Kelly Kelly
Cody Rhodes and Drew McIntyre beat Kaval and Kofi Kingston
Dolph Ziggler beat MVP
Rey Mysterio beat Alberto Del Rio

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Smackdown Results.

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