WWE Smackdown RESULTS 10/01/10 – SyFy Premiere

WWE Smackdown RESULTS 10/01/10 – SyFy Premiere – WWE Smackdown results for 10/01/10 can be found here. WWE Smackdown debuted last ninght on SyFy at 8 eastern. WWE rarely gives its fans a live broadcast, but in order to celebrate their premiere on the SyFy channel, they have decided to go with a live show. There were a number of huge matches that could potentially turn the tides of the league.

In one of the biggest matches of the night, John Cena took on Wade Barret. It is supposed to be a very close match but John Cena is still favored. The two have faced of previously as well.

Shaemus battled Randy Orton in another high profile match. Randy Orton is favored to bring home the victory, but this could be a close match that either of them could win. The two of them have never previously faced off in a live event.

CM Punk fought The Undertaker, and Rey Mysterio returned to the program to present a challenge to Alberto Del Rio. The two of them have exchanged words during the last few events, and because of Del Rio’s most recent outburst, Rey Mysterio would like his chance for revenge.

Here are the results of the matches:
Natalya Neidhart, The Bellas, Kelly Kelly vs. Alicia Fox, Layla, Maryse, Michelle McCool:
Natalya Neidhart, The Bellas, Kelly Kelly were declared the winners
The Nexus vs. The Big Show Handicap Match:
The referee declared Nexus the winner .
The Undertaker vs. CM Punk:
Undertaker cheated and eventually Tombstoned Punk for the win.
Rey Mysterio vs. Alberto Del Rio:
No one won because Ricardo Rodriguez, Del Rio’s ring announcer helped him run away.
Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes:
RKO and pinned Rhodes for the win.
John Cena vs. Kane: Lumberjack Match with The Nexus as Lumberjacks:
There were no winners.
The Undertaker vs. Kane:
Kane ran away so there were no winners.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on WWE Smackdown RESULTS.

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