WWE Smackdown 09/10/10 Results

WWE Smackdown 09/10/10 Results – Here are the results for WWE Smackdown 09/10/10’s edition. Last night The Undertaker who was brutally beaten by his evil brother Kane took on CM Punk while Alberto Del Rio took battled it out with Matt Hardy and Kaval had his very first match on the show against Drew McIntyre.
Here is the recap of the episode:

Match 1: Jack Swagger vs. MVP:
The match lasted about 8 minutes with Jack Swagger being declared the winner after he managed to seriously injure and beat the crap out of MVP’s leg.
Anyone who watched that brawl had to feel MVPs’ suffering.

Match 2: Alberto Del Rio vs. Matt Hardy:

This battle was a bit longer and had a duration of about 11 minutes.
During those 11 minutes we watched Del Rio act as if he was the best wrestler out there and giving Hardy the beating of his life. Del Rio applied every move in the book including the chinlock and the bulldog to secure a victory.

Match 3: Drew McIntyre vs. Kaval:
Kaval accompanied by Lay-Cool stepped in the ring with a very cool entrance music – but that was the only cool thing he had going for him.
It took McIntyre 4 little minutes to apply the Future Shock DDT on Kaval and claim victory.

Match 4: Dolph Ziggler /Chavo Guerrero vs. Kofi Kingston /Chris Masters
This was one of the least interesting fights of the night because the truth of the matter is that it was just a promo for Kingston’s upcoming battle at Night of Champions.
The brawl was brief and lasted about 3 minutes with Kofi Kingston and Chris Masters being declared the winners after they cheated a bit and Kingston using the Trouble in Paradise on Ziggler.

Match 5:CM Punk vs. The Undertaker
Despite looking a bit weak The Undertaker put up a very solid battle that lasted about 15 minutes.
In the first half of the match both men were able to exchange a nice amount of blows but the second part was dominated by Taker.
The end of the fight was simply brilliant with Punk going for a springboard but ended getting caught with a chokeslam but Punk reversed it into a G2S yet Taker managed to trap him in the Hells Gate for the big victory.

It is very nice to have The Undertaker back but many are wondering why does he look so weak,barely being able to stand on his feet after the long and agonizing fight.
He is a legend in our books maybe it is time to retire.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on WWE Smackdown.

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