WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – September 3rd, 2010

WWE Friday Night SmackDown Results – September 3rd, 2010 – WWE Friday Night SmackDown featured five different matches and some of them were the most high profile that the event has seen in a long time.

Match 1: Christian versus Drew McIntyre

Match number one pitted Christian against Drew McIntyre.
The match started with Drew kicking McIntyre hard in the ribs and almost causing him to fall. Christian responded with a number of punches and head butts to escape his grasping attempts. They eventually fell out of the ring to the floor, and Drew attempted to climb up onto the announcers table. Christian pulled Drew’s leg and Drew fell hard onto the table. Christian was able to submit him with a jackknife cover for the three count, to seal the victory.

Match 2:Kelly Kelly versus Michelle McCool with Layla

The second match featured Kelly Kelly versus Michelle McCool and Layla. The match was a short one, and featured both sides trading blows. The match ended when Kelly attempted a rana, but Michelle countered with the McCool Clash, pinning Kelly Kelly to the ground.

Match 3:Dolph Ziggler with Vickie Guerrero versus Chris Masters

The third match pitted Dolph Ziggler and Vickie Guerrero against Chris Masters. The match was a little bit more exciting than the previous. The two opponents traded blows and attempted pins, but were unable to finish. The match took a turn when Ziggler launched a leaping elbow drop for a two count, and eventually used the turnbuckles to pin Masters to the mat for the three count and the victory.

Match 4:Big Show versus CM Punk and Luke Gallows with Joseph Mercury

The fourth match was the big Show against CM Punk and Luke Gallows along with Joseph Mercury. It was probably the most exciting match of the night. Big Show grabbed Punk in the middle of the match before he was able to tag out, and send him hard into the corner, closely followed by a kick to the chest. He also performed a shoulder tackle and choke slammed him to the ground. Punk hit th3e floor hard, and Show performed a reverse power bomb for the victory, forcing Luke to tap out.

Match 5:Matt Hardy versus Dashing Cody Rhodes

In the match of the night, Matt hardy faced off against Dashing Cody Rhodes. The match was not nearly as exciting as Big Show’s match, but did feature some excellent moves off the top of the turnbuckle. The fight eventually ended with Cody performing the Cross Rhodes in order to get the three count and the victory.

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