Wonder Woman TV Comeback

Wonder Woman TV Comeback – There are new reports that are making a welcome announcement for many fans—the television show “Wonder Woman” is going to be making a comeback sometime soon. The TV show was a major classic when it originally ran, and it is expected to get a makeover, turning it into a more modern version of its original self.

The Hollywood Reporter published a report saying that Warner Bros. Television will be the ones redesigning and producing the new show. Supposedly, an unlikely writer will be the brains behind the project. David E. Kelley is known for numerous legal dramas like “Ally McBeal”, “Boston Legal”, and “The Practice”.

Warner Bros. has allegedly attempted to get a cinematic version of the story going for nearly a decade, and has been unsuccessful in their attempts. There have been a wealth of different actresses who were interested in playing the DC Comic superhero, including Angelina Jolie, Beyonce, and Megan Fox.

It is still unknown which actress will be playing her in the television series.

There was an announcement made in 2005 that Joss Whedon would take over the film adaptation, but that never came to fruition. Whedon has currently been working on “The Avengers”.

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