Wipeout TV Show Season 3 On ABC

wipeout tv show

Wipeout TV Show Season 3 On ABC – Wipeout is a fun and exciting show that is based off of a number of Japanese game shows.The show features contestants that race through a number of grueling obstacle courses. The contestants usually end up falling off of the obstacle course (usually safely into the water below), thus the name of the show, “Wipeout.”
The show has 20 participants each and every week. The winner of the game show is given a substantial amount prize money at the end of the episode. The games usually consist of the players making their way through an obstacle course. The course will usually either be above water, mud, or some other hurdle that they have to overcome to win the prize.

Some of the Wipeouts are fairly wild, as the contestants have to make their way over a number of objects that can be spinning or turning, and are usually fairly high up in the air. The game show promotes a healthy, outgoing lifestyle, and has become fairly popular in the US. The TV audience gets to watch people display their athletic ability, and also gets to watch some wild falls and spills, making it a win win situation for the viewer.
The game show was first aired on Jan 3, 2009. It was hosted by Amanda Byram and Richard Hammond. 

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