Will Forte Leaving SNL

Will Forte Leaving SNL – Saturday Night Live is almost an institution that has launched many careers, and given it’s viewers so many memorable laughs from it’s wacky, creative and unique comedy skits. William Forte has been a star of the show of the last 8 seasons, and is now calling his time on the show over.

A rep for the star of the NBC show has made a statement on his behalf regarding his decision.

“After eight great seasons, Will has made the decision to move on from SNL to pursue new opportunities,” his rep said in a statement. “He is eternally grateful to [executive producer] Lorne [Michaels] and all of the incredible people he worked with over the years.”

For many years, Forte has been a very popular cast member, being involved in many skits and characters. One of his most memorable characters is MacGruber, which is a send up of the 80s cult legend MacGyver, which has the comedian using ingenious and implausible solutions to get out of some of the most ludicrous situations.

The Saturday Night Live star talked about his horible feature film based on the MacGruber character saying:

“The ‘SNL’ track record is about the same as the movies-in-general track record,” Forte said. “There are a lot of crappy movies out there and a lot of great movies. Sure, there has been some ‘SNL’-based movies that have sucked; there have been some great ones.”

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