Will Ferrell The Office Rating Bump

The television show “The Office” may have lost it’s star Steve Carrell but movie comedy man Will Ferrell stepped in and boosted the shows ratings.

The show got 7.7 million views and a 3.9 adult demo rating which is reportedly up 15 percent from it’s last episode.

Ferrell, a veteran of the Saturday Night Live cast and a star in his own right with a slew of top hit box office hits, was welcomed news to the sitcom as it’s star Steve Carrell had left for greener pastures.

Often a show will tank when the star the fans have come accustomed to leaves and only a few shows have survived.

At one time in the late 1960’s the popular show “Bewitched” had to switch lead actors because it’s main male lead Dick York had taken ill.

Viewers were caught unawares but somehow the show moved on to many more years.

Whether Ferrell is going to stay on the program or is just there for a brief period of time, it’s proven his presence now has kept the show alive.

Considering fans keep clamoring for more of his movies it seems unlikely he’ll have the time to do television but may make guest appearances thus giving the show some momentum.

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