Who Won Big Brother 12? – Big Brother Winner 2010

Who Won Big Brother 12? – Big Brother Winner 2010 – Another series is over for Big Brother and its remaining fans, as the latest winner was announced.

It ended up a battle between three of the male housemates, Lane, Enzo and Hayden. During the last challenge to find the head of the house, Hayden came out on top, which allowed him to decide who was evicted. Seeing Enzo as his greatest threat, he choose to evict Enzo, leaving just himself and Lane left to battle it out.

The pair were then sat down separately in front of a jury, and each were asked deep and tough questions about their social gameplay and the secret brigade alliance. It turns out that Hayden made a wise move in evicting Enzo, as after the jury heard both men speak, Hayden was announced the winner in a vote that ended up 4-3.

Hayden was the favourite to win, according to a poll done.

While Big Brother may have had a run of bad luck and controversy in the past, with some controversial housemates and lower ratings than previously, this season saw a rise in ratings, enough for CBS to commission the show to one more season, it’s 13th.

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