Weeds Season 6 Episode 9: To Moscow, And Quickly S06E09

Weeds season 6 episode 9 called “To Moscow, and Quickly” which was directed by Michael Trim and directed by David Holstein & Carly Mensch aired last night on Showtime.
This week’s episode did not pick up where we left off last week-in order to rapidly advance the plotlines and wrap few lose ends -the writers decided that it would be a wise decision to move everything one week ahead.
Here is what went down in “To Moscow, and Quickly.”

Doug was the one who managed to provide the audience with the most jokes in the episode -first by trying to explain how he got into a fight with a raccoon and injuring his arm.
The laughs did not stop there -Doug had us rolling on the floor when we saw the Medusa bong-like contraption in the tent.

As for Silas, Shane, and Doug-they had a very fun job for the day-they were asked to replace Andy and Nancy at a kid’s concert to sell their hash, while the duo head to the pediatrician to find out if Stevie is doing well.

This episode eventually got very dramatic as Nancy and Andy duke it out over where they stand as a couple/group/clan.
He finally found the guts to ask her what was his position in the relationship and told her that he was hoping to move to Copenhagen.
Nancy finally understood that she was a bad mother when Stevie’s doctor started asking her few things about her sick son.

The episode was not that brilliant-however it was able to split the clan into two very different groups:
On one side we have Shane, like Doug, who have no goals beyond the immediate.

On the other side we have Silas, Andy, and Nancy who are still hoping and are working towards something better and more solid.

We are not sure the groups will be able to coexist for that much longer.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Weeds season 6 episode 9.

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