Weeds Season 6 Episode 8: Gentle Puppies S06E08

Weeds season 6 episode 8 called “Gentle Puppies” which was directed by Scott Ellis and written by Victoria Morrow aired this evening on Showtime.

This year, like in previous years, “Weeds” has completely shifted its course and gone in a new direction. In the eighth episode of the sixth season, titled “Gentle Puppies” we get to watch Andy take over the wheel of the motor home and take the family to a frontier town. The episode had to be one of the funniest and sexually charged that we have see this season, but once again, does not do much to advance the plot line.

The episode is a bit of a filler episode, but it is fun to watch the crazy Andy take on the role of a freaky pastor. Andy’s schemes seem to have become the highlight of the show, and without much story left to tell, it is nice to see that the writers know where to shift their focus.

The scenes where Nancy went topless for her sexcapade and Shane getting pulled over stole the show.As for Silas- he doesn’t play a big role in the episode, but he is present in a few scenes. He continues to long for an ordinary life that is long gone and has become a bit of a downer in recent episodes. Hunter Parish only has one line in the episode but it is a powerful one, expertly read by Hunter Parrish.

Andy is pulled over for speeding toward the end of the episode and takes something the cop says as a sign from god regarding his most recent money making scheme.

Here are few lines from “Gentle Puppies” :
I want to see those washers going 24/7. This families gonna make hash – lots of it. Won’t that be nice?
Jack: Hey, I didn’t get your name.
Nancy: No you didn’t.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Weeds season 6 episode 8.

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