Weeds Season 6 Episode 6: Watch A Shoe For A Shoe Online S06E06

Weeds Season 6 Episode 6: Watch A Shoe For A Shoe Online S06E06 – Weeds season 6 episode 6 “A Shoe For A Shoe” Season 6 Episode 6 which was directed by Michael Trim David Holstein aired last night on Showtime.

“Weeds” has taken a completely different direction this year, again, and almost feels like it could be a completely new show all over again.In the first three seasons we watched a suburban mother take over the weed game in her small town before burning it down at the end of the third season. Then, in seasons four and five, we watched as she fell in love with a Mexican politician that was corrupt, and got herself into much more trouble. After the murder of a friend the family is now on the run and only the core group of characters has remained.
In “A Shoe for a Shoe,” the Botwins are still in complete disarray as Shane has been snatched up by Cesar and Ignacio, and the police and child services are knocking at Nancy’s door. Cesar would like Nancy to bring Steve to make a trade, but Nancy is reluctant to let go of her child and send him back to Esteban.

The episode was mostly disappointing and seems to be setting things up for next episode more than anything else. Overall, this season has been unbearably slow for most of the fans and it is hard to tell where it will be going next.

While we have moved away from the locale of last season, we have not been able to move away from the boring characters. Esteban has sent his henchman to make trouble for the Botwins, and Andy and Shane are having problems figuring out what they would like to do next.
The best scene of the episode was when Doug passed out for not eating and the best lines are:
Sorry about that, but I knew you were gonna shoot me first.
Una navaja.
Oh Shane, no more Spanish.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Weeds season 6 episode 6.

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