Warehouse 13 Season 2 Finale: Watch Reset Online S02E12

Warehouse 13 Season 2 Finale: Watch Reset Online S02E12 – The second season of Warehouse 13 concluded last night on Syfy and there is a small possibility that the series might be over for good. (more about that later)
The season 2 finale of “Warehouse 13” was one of the most interesting episodes in the history of the series. The episode, “Reset” starts at the exact moment that “Buried” left off; with Pete and Myka trapped by HG Wells as Warehouse number 2.

In the finale, Pete and Myka work together and are as strong of a team as they have ever been. Claudia, Artie, and Helena are also present in the episode, but most of it focuses on Pete and Myka, who are able to carry the show well.
Claudia is still upset about the idea that she may have to become a Warehouse caretaker at some point in the future. She expresses her feelings to Artie, who is able to calm her in a scene that features some of the best acting that we have seen from the actors since the creation of the show.
Most fans have waited anxiously to see what the next step in the Pete-Kelly relationship is. It is good to see Pete with someone, but many who watch the show feel like Kelly is just not a believable girlfriend for Pete. The finale episode put some of these rumors to rest as the interaction between Pete and Kelly has never been better from a believability standpoint.
The finale episode neatly wraps up some of the overlying storylines without getting too wild with their explanations. They are also leaving us with a great set up for the third season, which was recently renewed.

In related news we have no idea if Warehouse 13 will be returning for a 3rd season .
The producer Jack Kenny of the show was happy to announce that it was renewed via Twitter but was forced to retract the statement .
First he said:

“Warehouse 13 will definitely be back for a third season! Official announcement may not be made till October, but we’re coming back!”

However, he later deleted the post and explained his error saying:

“Oops – I made a mistake & misconstrued a conversation. While we’re hopeful for a 3rd season of Warehouse 13, nothing has been decided.”

The Syfy network has yet to comment on the matter.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Warehouse 13 Season Finale.

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