‘Walking Dead’ Season 2 Finale Preview

This evening ‘Walking Dead’ season 2 finale which is entitled “Beside the Dying Fire” directed by Ernest Dickerson and written by duo Robert Kirkman & Glen Mazzara will air on AMC.

So what can we expect in the big finale after such an eventful season packed with gore, action and the death of several important characters?

Well, believe it or not “Better Angels” last week’s installment was child play compared to this forthcoming episode.

In “Better Angels” there was nothing but bloodshed – with the death of Shane who was planning to kill Rick after Lori told him that she had no idea who the father of her baby was.

We also watched Rick’s former best friend’s head blown into a million pieces after he became a walker.

So what did the writers cook up for tonight?

The Walker – hungry for human blood will be hunting Rick and Carl back to the Farm where they will be fighting for their lives.

And as it is customary to this drama, someone will die – will it be Rick or Lori or T-Dog – at this point it is anyone’s guest.

Additionally there will be an explanation given as to the famous “Dr. Jenner Whisper” and too many zombie killing scenes to count, impressive horror effects.

‘Walking Dead’ season 3 will be announced right after the episode comes to an end – rumors claimed that The Governor, Merle and Michonne will be making appearances in the new season.

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