Vienna Girardi New Man: John Sala

Vienna Girardi New Man: John Sala – Vienna Girardi has Tweeted about him on several occasions and has been seen out with him before, but his identity was never revealed. Today, it was released that John Sala is a college student studying biochemical engineering. The two met two years ago in the Bahamas and have remained friends since that time.

He recently took a trip to LA to visit her, and the two have been taking the relationship slow since that time.
“She kept saying how hot he is and how happy she is with him,” a source said. “She would say things like, ‘Do you see this man? He is gorgeous. Isn’t he the hottest guy ever? We are so happy. I like him so much.'”

The two of them are reportedly happy to be taking their relationship slow, but are enjoying their time with one another.Girardi has been a constant presence in the media in recent months, and has talked about starting her own fashion line. She is currently involved with the non-profit organization Biolustre, which makes reconstructive hair products, and is hosting the Reality Cares pre-Emmy event briefing the Wellness Community on August 27th.

It is surprising that Sala’s identity took so long to make its way to the web. Girardi is a popular celebrity and has continued to become increasingly popular over the course of the last few months. It is good to see that the two of them are happy in the wake of Girardi’s break up.

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