Vienna Girardi Heidi Montag Reality Show?

Heidi Montag, Vienna Girardi Reality Show?

Heidi Montag Vienna Girardi Reality Show? – A recent rumor states that Heidi Montag and Vienna Girardi could be receiving their own reality show. Montag reportedly wants to befriend her, so that she can move into her own “singles house,” where the two of them will film their own reality show. While the rumor does seem to be a little far-fetched, it would certainly make for an excellent reality television show.
“Heidi wants to be friends with Vienna. They have a lot in common in terms of picking the wrong men, and feels she would be the perfect girl to join her this summer,” a source said.

Montag, who formerly starred in the popular show, “The Hills,” has been looking for opportunities that will place her back on television. While there has been some subdued interest, it does not appear that anyone is in a rush to give her another reality show. While her idea to team up with Girardi is interesting, it does not sound like something that Girardi would be all that interested in. She may even be able to find an opportunity elsewhere.
With so much information being leaked by Spencer Pratt, the ex-husband of Montag, it would be nice to know what things were said in passing by Montag, and which of those things she was actually serious about. Just because she made a comment regarding her desire to have a reality show with Girardi, does not necessarily mean that it is something that she is actually pursuing.

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