Valerie Bertinelli on Weight Loss & Sex

Valerie Bertinelli on Weight Loss & Sex – Valerie Bertinelli dropped forty pounds, and said that it helped her slip into a two-piece bikini, and complete a marathon. She said that it helped many aspects of her life, and the only thing that it did not really change was her sex life.
“It was pretty good even when I was big,” said Bertinelli. “Tom likes me at any size. I’m lucky that way.” 
She will be marrying her longtime boyfriend Tom Vitale in an Italian ceremony later this year. She also said that losing the weight has helped her to stop snoring, but also said that she is struggling with “not being a slave to her weight.”

Bertinelli said that the worse part about her workout is the first twenty minutes when she is running, and that she has really had to learn how to shop without buying the sweets that she craves so much.
“So when I’m in the supermarket and I think, ‘God, I really want those,’ I’ll remind myself that in two days when I have a weak moment, I’ll go straight for them. So there are certain things I just won’t buy,” she said in an interview.
It is nice that the Jenny Craig spokeswoman has been able to lose weight. She recently turned 50, and said that she looks better than she has in many years. It is good to see that she has been motivated to lose the weight, and hopefully she will be able to keep it off.

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