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V TV Series 2009:V TV Show ABC – The mother ship has landed in New York.V TV Series 2009 which is a remake of the original V miniseries that aired back in 1983 premiered on ABC this evening. The science fiction show focused on aliens lead by Ana who have landed on earth in order to refuel their batteries so to speak.The pilot of the show which contained some very good special effects and some decent acting revealed that the Visitors are not as nice as they seem and that they are not here to share their knowledge nor their technologies.Here is the plot of the episode.

Anna the leader of the V’s wants everyone to unite as one, and puts her faith in humanity’s key element which is devotion. The V’s are considered to be a threat however they overcome any obstacles thrown at them and become an instant attraction. FBI Counter Terrorist Agent Erica Evans finds a secret hidden beneath the skin of every V. For Chad Decker V could make his career sky rocket as a news anchor, his exclusive interview with Anna, the leader of the V’s. Meanwhile Father Jack questions his faith as he seeks answers outside the church.

Here are few weird things that we noticed this evening.We sat down this evening expecting something great because of all the hype made about the show,boy were we disappointed.How can mother ship land and no one is really shocked nor scare after a brief “we are of peace, always,” speech the crowd is clapping which makes no sense at all.Can the writers please explain why they taught having the FBI believe that there is a terrorist cell that has been monitoring alien activity was a good idea? Sadly the religious implications of the Visitors’ arrival was unable to give the show the depth it needed.
It is hilarious that after one year Obama can not get a health care bill pass but the V’s can provide universal health-care in one day.
What are your thoughts on this episode of V?
That’s all we have for now on V TV Series 2009.

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