V Season 2: New Promo Red Rain

V Season 2: New Promo Red Rain – The highly anticipated second season “V” is going to make its premier on television January 4th and fans across the country can’t wait.

Season two of the show is going to start off with an episode entitled “Red Rain” and centers around the importance of human beings taking a firm stance against the “Visitors”.

There have been some hints dropped here and there as to what the very first episode of the new season is going to consist of. Those who are associated with the show say that in the first five minutes of the first episode, Eric and Tyler’s day is going to be completely ruined.

The anticipation for the new season has been building since it was announced and hints dropped as to what the premier will consist of.

One of the guest stars who will be appearing on the show is Jane Badler who starred in the original series which has been rebooted for a second season starting in 2011.

Badler will be playing the mysterious mother of Anna and was signed up for a total of four episodes at first but it has been extended to 10 episodes, much to the liking of fans who liked the original show which Badler starred in. Jaw Karnes also makes an appearance on the show, playing Erica’s new partner in the FBI.

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