Undercovers Season 1 Episode 2: Watch Instructions Online S01E02

Undercovers Season 1 Episode 2: Watch Instructions Online S01E02 – Undercovers season 1 episode 2 titled “Instructions” aired last night on NBC. The episode was written by J. J. Abrams & Josh Reims and directed by Stephen Williams.

The premiere for “Undercovers” features a couple that are uncover spies that go back into the field to save a friend of theirs who has gone missing. They expect that he is alive, but are not sure in the beginning how to go about finding him. In the episode that premiered Wednesday, the Blooms are charged with saving a scientist who gets kidnapped by the security detail that she hired to protect her. It is assumed that they are looking for a ransom, but the details are a bit blurry in the beginning of the episode.

Hoyt joins Samantha for back up in the mission, and the both of them get themselves into a fairly sticky situation. Hoyt, who weirdly seems to have the hots for Steven, is easily the most interesting character in the show. He is an oddball that is likeable at the same time, which is something that the show seems to be missing. It will be interesting to see how they continue to get the two spies to work with one another, even though they supposedly work for different people.

“Undercovers” is an interesting new show that could potentially find a following and become one of those solid shows on network television but it is so boring and predictable at times that you wonder how can the same people who made Alias do this annoying show?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Undercovers episode 2.

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