Undercovers Cancelled


Undercovers Cancelled – To the disappointment of many J.J Abrams fans, NBC has announced that the network is canceling “Undercovers”.

The new series had seemed to hold a lot of potential, as the spy show had a unique hook. Yet, the network has revealed that it will not be picking up the nine back episodes, which is a polite way of saying that they are canceling it.

NBC has already aired seven of the shows’ 13 episode order. The network has stated that they will air the episode next week in the regular Wednesday timeslot but then they will decide after that what they will do with the remaining episodes. The dates that seem firm for airings are November 10, November 17, and then December 1. No official air dates after that have been released.

The cancellation does not come as a surprise to industry experts. The series hit an all time low last night with a 1.3 in adults 18-49. The low ratings were somewhat of a surprise as many think that a J.J. Abrams show would never not succeed and certainly not be canceled. This may be a wake up call for those Fringe fans out there, it could be next.

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