Undercover Boss Season 2 Episode 1-Choice Hotels CEO Stephen P. Joyce

Undercover Boss Season 2 Episode 1-Choice Hotels CEO Stephen P. Joyce – Undercover Boss season 2 episode 1 called “Choice Hotels” aired last night on CBS. “Undercover Boss” is a show that has gained immense popularity since it first premiered. It takes the executives of major corporations and companies and places them in menial jobs that are often performed on a day to daily basis.

Usually, the show will end with the exec realizing how hard they are on the people that they manage without seeing everyday, and this causes them to make a number of changes in the way that they operate the company. Although the episodes are a little too “feel good” for their own good, they do a great job of conveying how hard it can be working 9 to 5 for a large company.

The newest episode featured Steve Joyce, who went undercover as Jack Parker to check out the daily operations of his hotel company, Choice Hotels. We were able to watch him clean the rooms like a maid, become responsible for cleaning out the pool and making sure that the outdoor areas such as the entrance and garden are clean and even manage events.

It serves as a serious wake up call for Joyce who often talked and got emotional while mentioning her deceased mother, and was maybe one of the most powerful episodes of show yet.

After meeting 4 of his employees-Ricardo (who is a father and working two jobs) from the Econo Lodge in Orlando,Christina (a mother who takes care of her clients with love while raising her kids) from the Orlando Comfort Suites,from Cambria Suites we met director of Sales John (who is doing a fine job after only two months on the post) and
Brandalyn (who struggling to raise a family and go to school) from the Comfort Suites, Joyce learns what it is like to work 9 to 5 for himself, and does not really like what he sees.
At one point while cleaning the pool with Ricardo he says that he “would be willing to pay $100 to jump into the pool” as sweat drips down his face.

As always those hard working people were rewarded at the end of the episode:
Christina: got a paid training to become hotel management -she ended up top of her class and one week vacation in Orlando .
Ricardo:got his own golf cart so he can do his job faster and his son who wants to be a doctor will benefit from the employee-wide scholarship program.

Brandalyn:is now on her way to become hotel management and received a free vacation in San Antonio and additionally her rant will be paid for six-months so she can buy her own home and she is getting married.
John:is up for the global sales force and got $5,000 for some new fancy Ralph Lauren suits.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Undercover Boss season 2 episode 1.

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