Undercover Boss Episode 3:7-Eleven Joseph M. DePinto


Undercover Boss Episode 3:7-Eleven Joseph M. DePinto – Undercover Boss episode 3 7-Eleven was broadcast on CBS last night.In this new installment of Undercover Boss Joseph M. DePinto, President & CEO of 7-Eleven CEO dumped his suit and tie picked up the name Danny to mind the cash register and serve coffee while working undercover at a 7-Eleven store.During his secret mission in the under-payed/overworked world,DePinto met a delivery man who worked so hard, he only had weekends to be with his wife and a woman who knew many of her customers by name but needed a kidney donor.The only problem he encountered were:

-the stale pastries in one store were not being given to a local charity.
-Some overhead lights in another outlet needed replacing.
Here is the plot of the episode:

The CEO and President of 7-Eleven, Joe DePinto, goes undercover in his own company where he discovers that one of his corporate policies has not been implemented on the frontlines and later finds himself inspired by one of his delivery driver’s approach to life.

Just like the other episodes ,you could easily tell that this was a great PR move for DePinto (who looked fake from beginning to end) and his company.However putting the spotlight on hard working people people like the adorable Dolores and charming Igor from Kazakhstan made the episode worthwhile.Credit must be given where credit is due,DePinto giving Igor his own franchise was simply amazing,let us see how Dave Rife from White Castle tops that next week.What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on Undercover Boss Episode 3.

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