Undercover Boss Episode 2 Hooters Inc Coby G. Brooks


Undercover Boss Episode 2 Hooters Inc Coby G. Brooks – Undercover Boss episode 2 called Hooters was broadcast on CBS last night.In the second installment Hooters, Inc ,President & CEO Coby G. Brooks went undercover in several of his restaurants to better comprehend the journeys of his employees and opened up about filling his late father’s shoes.

On day 1:He tried to be a busboy but was rapidly fired by former Marine/cop Dave.
On day 2:He met Ashley and Brittney on the streets of Dallas who were doing promotions and heard many terrible things about the Hooters girls.
On day 3:Brooks met disgraced store manager Jimbo who held a contest called ‘reindeer games’ where the girls had to eat beans with no hands with the winner getting the chance of leaving early.

Brooks watched on felling embarrassed and saying:

“The things I saw today,were inappropriate. They were wrong and I don’t want any part of it… the way he approached the girls was not acceptable.”

On day 4:Brooks became the assistant manager to Marcee, respectful and nurturing single mom struggling to balance work with home life.
On day 5:He went back to Atlanta’s Naturally Fresh factory ( which he last visited when he was 16) where his dad used to have an office and discovered that no one liked him or even knew who he was.
This episode really shed a bad light on Hooters’ management.Unlike in last week’s episode where Waste Management, Inc’s Larry O’Donnell did an admirable at disciplining his workers ,Cody Brooks from Hooters appeared clueless and weak for not disciplining Jimbo for his work ethics.What are your thoughts on the episode?
That’s all we have for now on Undercover Boss Season 1 Episode 2.

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