Two And A Half Men Season 8 Premiere 2010-Watch Episode 1 Online S08E01

Two And A Half Men Season 8 Premiere 2010-Watch Episode 1 Online S08E01 – Two and a Half Men Season 8 Premiere/ Two and a Half Men Season 8 Episode 1 called “Three Girls and a Guy Named Bud” which was directed by James Widdoesand written by Chuck Lorre & Lee Aronsohn aired this evening on CBS.

The last time we saw our crazy bunch in the exciting season 7 finale after giving Chelsea a very expensive gift for her birthday Charlie was arrested for crashing into a police car while driving drunk and with a suspended license right in-front of her ex fiance.

As for Jake he was busy taking advantage of licenseless uncle,while Alan tried to figure out if he was the father of ex wife Judith’s baby girl.

In “Three Girls and a Guy Named Bud” we followed the unhappy teenager who goes by the name of Jake who was caught with two chicks leaving his house going at it with his father who decided that he would date his best friend’s Eldridge mom Lindsay.
As for Charlie after passing out on the stairs without any pants ,he concluded that it maybe time for hime to stop drinking.
Overall it was a very exciting and funny episode thanks to Jake and those two girls who just kept popping everywhere.

Here are few hilarious lines from the installment:
Charlie: Think it through Alan, for what possible activity would I need my pants off an my shoes on?
Alan: I dunno, chasing a reluctant hooker?
Charlie: Can’t rule it out.

Alan: Yours?
Charlie: Alan, she’s like sixteen.
Alan: And, again, I ask, hoping I don’t get called to testify, yours?

Judith: You don’t sleep with your son’s friend’s mother.
Alan: No, no. you marry his pediatrician.
Herb: He’s got you there, sweetie.

Alan: Iced tea?
Charlie: I decided when you try to mail your pants to a garment inspector in Malaysia, it’s time to quit drinking.
Alan: Some might have said that day come and went when you gave yourself that haircut.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Two and a Half Men season 8 episode 1.

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