True Jackson VP Season 2 Episode 21: Watch The Fifth of Prankuary Online S02E21

True Jackson VP Season 2 Episode 21: Watch The Fifth of Prankuary Online S02E21 – True Jackson, VP, season 2 episode 21 titled “The Fifth of Prankuary” aired on Nickelodeon, Saturday.
True Jackson, the character played by Keke Palmer, is a 17 year old protagonist on the show. In the sitcom, she was hired by a man named Max Madigan to be the Vice President of the fashion company Mad Style’s Youth Apparel. Throughout the show she is constantly getting into situations that you would think that she is unable to deal with because of her age, but somehow manages to make it through each situation without getting fired.

Amanda, another girl who works as VP, is constantly trying to sabotage her work and get her fired. The fact that True loves to help her friends comes back to bite her several times throughout the show, and may eventually cost her the VP job.
She also is secretly in love with the mailman, Jimmy. Jimmy likes her too, but the two of them are not able to share their feelings for one another until the second season. They even try to date one another, but company policy eventually keeps them from seeing each other, and ultimately they decide to stay friends.
It will be interesting to see what is in store for Jimmy and True in the upcoming episodes of the show. They shared a kiss at the end of last season, officially sealing the deal that the two of them were together.
Here is brief presentation of True Jackson, VP, season 2 episode 21:

Max dares the Mad Style employees to perform their best pranks, but True and Lulu take things to far when they think he’s playing a prank on them at school by giving them a fake standardized exam.

The episode was pretty funny, True could not help get in some mess. The end of “The Fifth of Prankuary” was interesting.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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