True Blood Season 3:New Trailer Clips

True Blood Season 3:New Trailer Clips – With only two days left until “True Blood” returns to HBO for its third season, a number of clips of the series have been leaked in recent days. It may be a little hard to believe that there has been ten months between now and the last time new episode was shown on the channel, but it is clear that fans are ready for more True Blood. There will be a new family of supernatural beings added to the list of characters this year; werewolves.

In one clip, Sookie is snooping around trying to find out info about both Eric and the werewolves. Eric doesn’t share that much information in the clip, likely because he is afraid that she will be killed if she asks too many questions about the werewolves. The preview shows that werewolves will play an integral part in the upcoming season and will be a mainstay on the show for seasons to come.

In another sneak peak video, Sookie can be seen receiving the information that she has been looking for. She finds out about the werewolves and is surprised by some of the details that she hears regarding the beasts. Sookie, however, has already had a previous run in with the werewolves, and does know a fair amount about them.

She was able to survive an attack by one of them, and wants to better understand them.
With so many plot-lines left unfinished last season, fans are excited to hear more of the story with each clip that is released on the net.

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