True Blood Season 3 Finale

True Blood Season 3 Finale – In about two weeks, the finale of True Blood, titled “Evil Is Going On” will air, which will mark the end of the third season of the hit series. The end is set to change the situation for the next season, with a character from season 1 returning- the villain Rene Lenier is coming back to Bon Temps from his grave with a serious look of intent in his eye.

The final episode has a lot of physical stunts done, which will impress viewers of the show, with Denis O’Hare, who plays Russell saying “I was encumbered with a lot of stuff, and it made the shooting process incredibly difficult. I had to do a lot of physical stunts.

I love doing my own stunts, [but] it was a lot more than I thought I would do. And then I had a lot of makeup. The make-up was heavy-duty, two and a half hours in, two and a half hours out.”

Eric is plotting his revenge, while Sookie and Russell and planning their life without Bill. Some surprising news is due for Tara in regards to Sam, while Jason finds himself with a new mission and aim in life. To finish off the story, Layfette turns to Jesus, in a shock move to seek help, and Hoyt hopes for a future with Jessica.

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