True Blood Season 3 Episode 3:Watch I Got a Right to Sing the Blues Online S03E03

True Blood Season 3 Episode 3:Watch I Got a Right to Sing the Blues Online S03E03 – True Blood season 3 episode 6 called “I Got a Right to Sing the Blues” which was directed by Michael Lehmann and was written by Alan Ball aired last night on HBO.
Things picked back up exactly where they left off last week, so let us dive in the episode.

-“I Got a Right to Sing the Blues” opened with everyone uniting at King Russell where he asked Lorena to kill Bill (but that will not happen). He also gets some answers as to what is going on with Sookie’s fingers.
After proposing to Queen Sophie-Anne he also reveals to Eric, just like Hitler he plans to dominate the world.

-Eric shockingly revealed that he has no feelings for Sookie , but we all know there is some plan to screw Sophie-Anne behind that fake statement.

-Meanwhile in Bon Temps, we discover Mickens’ big secret— while in her shifted state as a dog, Sam’s mother had been fighting in an illegal dog ring but seeing that she has some major back issues they want Tommy to take over in order to support the family.

Here is the summary of the episode:

Russell and his bodyguards bring Sookie and Bill to his mansion where Bill kills one of the bodyguards and tries to kill Russell. He then sends Bill to the slave room where he orders Lorena to kill him. Eric refuses to help Bill when asked by Sookie and refutes her claims of her meaning anything to him. Russell tries to learn what Sookie really is. Sookie begs Russell not to kill Bill. Jason attempts to woo Crystal at her house but ends up heartbroken. Sam is trying to find out the Mickens’ true intentions with Tommy. Lafayette and Jesus begin to get closer to one another. Arlene continues to be irked by Jessica. Eric accompanies Russell to Sophie-Anne’s mansion where he blackmails her into accepting his proposal. Eric renounces his loyalty to the Queen Sophie-Anne and pledges his loyalty to the King of Mississippi. Tara learns that Sookie is at the mansion and concocts a plan to escape. Lorena is torn when she is ordered to kill Bill. Coot and Debbie go into the slave room and feed from Bill. Melinda tells Tommy that Sam cannot be trusted and never will be family. Sookie tries to save Bill but Lorena thwarts her plan and attempts to kill Sookie.

The episode ended with another cliffhanger where Sookie who was trying to free Bill was bitten by Lorena.
We know for a fact she is not going to die so does that mean she get to kill Lorena?
Do the lovers manage to escape?
The installment was a very decent episode but we were a bit surprised to see Sookie immediately run back to Bill’s side, without questioning his love and trust after discovering that he had been digging her past.
What a weak woman. Anyway here are few quotes that stood out from the episode:

-“Those are dumped out of a can and heated up. I mean, where do you think you are, lady? Red Lobster?” –
-Russell: “Now, tell me what you are.”
-Sookie: “I’m a waitress.”
-“You never take me anywhere!”
“Don’t pretend to be a vampire fundamentalist.”

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on True Blood season 3 Episode 3.

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