True Blood Season 3 Episode 10: Watch I Smell a Rat Online S03E10

True Blood Season 3 Episode 10: Watch I Smell a Rat Online S03E10 – ‘True Blood’ Season 3, Episode 10 called “I Smell a Rat” which was directed by Michael Lehmann and written by Kate Barnow & Elisabeth R. Finch aired this evening on HBO. After last week’s action packed episode ,tonight things calmed down a bit but we were able to get a huge revelation- we know what Sookie is. Here is what happened in the episode:
Sookie learned that she is part fairy and says “I’m a fairy? How f—ing lame.”
We finally discovered that Sookie is a rare specie that is really sought after ,she is part-human, part-fairy/faerie/fae.
Additionally her blood is “delectable” to vampires but rest assured she will not transformed into some kind of magical creature.

-Nan Flanagan who should be working for Fox News spoke his mind by revealing that Russell as “an extremist and a terrorist.”

-Tara asked Jason to help her bury Franklin the vampire,he does so with his bare hands.
Tara later thanks Jason by kissing him and out of the no where he confesses to her that he actually shot Eggs.

-Continuing on with Sam- we finally understood his bitterness – thanks to one of his drunken flashbacks, we learned that back when he was a grifter, he was once double-crossed by his lover/partner.
We returned to the present where while in his dog state,he followed the couple, made threats, and by the end of the incident, had killed two people.

-As for Lafayette he saved Crystal’s dad, who was almost beaten to death by Sam last episode, by giving him two drops of V, which lead to two weird things:
Some serious hallucination and Jesus becoming a little too curious about drinking vampire blood.

Here is a brief presentation of the episode:

Sookie gets a dire warning from Bill, and she learns that she is part fairy; Sam’s emotional outburst takes him on an unpleasant trip down memory lane, and it is revealed that he worked as a jewel thief in 2003, killing two people (including his lover, who was actually conning him); Arlene asks Holly for help with her pregnancy after revealing the truth that Rene is the baby’s father to Terry; Jessica faces a romantic conundrum, and ultimately saves Hoyt from being killed by Tommy; Russell vows revenge on his foes; Jesus changes his opinion of a certain mind-altering substance, and he and Lafayette do V together. While in their drug-induced dream world, they discover that Jesus’ grandfather was a dangerous man who dabbled in dark magic. Jason and Tara share a kiss, and Jason learns that Crystal is a were-panther. Sookie and Eric also kiss, but Eric ends up locking Sookie in the dungeon beneath Fangtasia.

Overall it was a pretty solid episode where once more we were shocked by the revelations,twists and cliffhanger at the end where Sookie becomes a prisoner in Eric’s dungeon.
The episode also served as a great sEt up for the big Russell, Eric, Bill showdown that will take place in the finale.
What are your thoughts on the fact that Sookie is a fairy?

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on True Blood Season 3 Episode 10.

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