True Blood Season 2 Spoilers:Trueblood Season 2

True Blood Season 2 Spoilers:Trueblood Season 2

True Blood Season 2 Spoilers:Trueblood Season 2True Blood season 2 will air on HBO in the summer of 2009.True Blood season 2 spoilers via Amazon are below.

The last thing Sookie wanted was to find Lafayette Reynold’s body in the back Andy Bellefleur’s car. Lafayette was the cook at Merlotte’s Bar, where Sookie waited on tables. Andy was a police detective who left his car at the bar because he was too drunk to drive it home. Now Bon Temps, Louisiana is a small rural town, where murders are mercifully rare. However, anything like this is bound to be a major headache for Sookie, who is telepathic, and whose boyfriend is Vampire Bill, the town’s major predator. Make that ex-predator; Bill is one of the good people, getting his nourishment from artificial blood these days. As does any vampire who wants to fit into the mainstream world.
But a simple murder case is not enough. Before Sookie and Bill can look into Lafayette’s death, Eric, the local vampire leader, summons them to Shreveport. Eric has agreed to send them to Dallas, where Sookie’s telepathic talents are needed to solve a disappearing vampire problem. Even before they get to Shreveport, stuff happens. Sookie has a run in with a Maenad, who wants tribute from Eric, and decides to write him a note about it on Sookie’s back. Bill barely gets Sookie to Eric’s lair, where she can be healed. Don’t expect Dallas to be any better. There, Sookie finds herself in conflict the local anti-vampire club, ‘The Fellowship of the Sun,’ and scheduled for sacrifice.
Now for those who don’t know, the Maenad is the new character played by Michelle Forbes (BSG), who was standing nude in the road with the pig causing Tara to crash and then surprisingly bailing her out of jail under pretense.
I also noticed in the preview that while Jason is in jail, he is approached by someone who gives him a pamphlet for the “Fellowship of the Sun” which is a sort of cult in which vampires commit suicide publicly by walking into sunlight. Now in the book Jason has no part in this, but obviously they want him involved in Season Two so that was a big change.
Plus I think it seems the Maenad will be taking Tara under her wing which could lead anywhere.

That’s all we have for now on True Blood Season 2 Spoilers:Trueblood Season 2.

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