Top Chef Season 7 Episode 11: Watch Making Concessions Online S07E11

Top Chef Season 7 Episode 11: Watch Making Concessions Online S07E11 – Top Chef season 7 , episode 11 called Making Concessions aired last night on Bravo.
With only six contestants left in the competition -the heat is on to win every challenge remaining.
The quickfire challenge was called Bigger fish to fry with Rick Moonen as the guest judge.
For this task the chefs were asked to prepare a meal based on the food idiom that had elected.
-Bring home the bacon went to Kevin.
-The big cheese was Amanda’s choice.
– Hot potato was Ed’s selection.
-Sour grapes went to Kelly.
-Spill the beans went to Tiffany.
-Angelo picked Bigger fish to fry.
No one wanted “Hide the Salami.”

The winning dish will become a frozen meal for delivery by Schwans.
The top 2 were : Kevin and Ed
Bottom: Kelly, Amanda
Ed’s spring herb gnocchi was declared the winner.
As for the elimination challenge called Gourmet Grand Slam needed the competitors were asked to serve high-end concession stand food at the Nationals’ new stadium.
Amanda went with tuna tartare.
Kevin cooked up a chicken skewer.
Angelo did some kind of pork bun.
Tiffany went with meatballs.
Ed came up with some shrimp poppers.
At the end of it all Tiffany and Ed had the best meals with Ed being declared the winner once more.
On the other end of the stick we had Angelo, Amanda, Kevin or Kelly with Amanda and her weird tuna being kicked out .

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Top Chef season 7 episode 11.

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