Tony Danza Teach: Tony Danza TV Show A&E

Tony Danza Teach: Tony Danza TV Show A&E – Tony Danza may have come into the public spotlight on “Who’s the Boss,” but he is back and better than ever on the new A&E series named “Teach: Tony Danza.” He will be returning to the class room to teach a tenth grade English class and A&E has documented his every move on the new program. It is not a fictional program, but instead follows Danza around reality-show style as he attempts to teach English to high school kids.

Before becoming a television star and movie actor Danza actually wanted to become a teacher. Of course, his early success took him on a path that did not allow him to follow his dream of teaching, but now he gets his chance to make up for lost time in his new show.

The reality show environment was strange for Danza to get used to. Although the kids had signed up to take part in the show, Danza said that he wanted to make sure that he provided them with a very strong educational year and that he did not waste their time for the sake of filming a reality show.

It is an interesting concept, and one that could provide some real insight into the educational system here in the US. Danza does a great job as a teacher, but will that be enough to keep people from tuning out? It will all depend on how they spin the dramatic moments.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on Teach: Tony Danza.

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