Tom Wopat Not Fan Of The Dukes of Hazzard Film

Tom Wopat played Luke Duke in the original The Dukes of Hazzard television series.

Luke Duke was made significantly goofier and more modern in the cinematic version of the show as the character was portrayed by Johnny Knoxville. Not many people would be thrilled about being replaced by a jackass.

It can also be argued that the character lost much of his appeal in with the Knoxville portrayal.

Wopat, who recently returned to perform on Broadway, revealed to Popeater that he did not watch the film. He did not take any stabs at Knoxville and apparently wasn’t interested in the legendary Jessica Simpson bikini screen.

In an era where remakes have become more and more popular, Wopat’s commentary on the remake yields to a valid point: remakes are almost never as good as the originals, though they extend the premise of the series, in the most commercial kind of way, to different generations.

Aside from performing on Broadway, Wopat likes to remain relatively low key, this is staunch contrast to Knoxville, whose celebrity relationships and foolish behavior keep him in the spotlight at all times.

His country accent didn’t do near as much for the Dukes as the more decent performance of Wopat decades ago.

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