Tom Selleck Jesse Stone Movies In 2010 After Thin Ice

jesse stone thin ice

Tom Selleck Jesse Stone Movies In 2010 After Thin Ice – CBS aired Jesse Stone: Thin Ice this evening (originally aired in March 2009) where Tom Selleck plays Jesse Stone a ruthless man of the law.Here is a recap of the film:

Paradise, Mass. Police Chief Jesse Stone finds himself in trouble with the Town Council when he inadvertently becomes involved in a shoot-out on a Boston street. His friend, State Homicide Commander Healy, is seriously wounded and Jesse comes under investigation by the Boston Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division, which causes him to be away from Paradise for extended periods of time.
Jesse further alienates the Council by firing the Paradise Police Department’s most prodigious ticket writer, resulting in a considerable loss of revenue for the town. His issues with the Council are further exacerbated when a celebrated out-of-towner shows up in Paradise in search of her missing child, and Jesse agrees to take her case. His continued defiance of the Council’s wishes now begins to jeopardize his very job.

There will be two other movies in the series that will be broadcast in 2010,”Jesse Stone No Remorse” and “Jesse Stone Innocents Lost”.
That’s all we have for now on Tom Selleck.

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