Tim Nickless:Extreme Makeover Home Edition Nickless Family

Tim Nickless:Extreme Makeover Home Edition Nickless FamilyTim Nickless‘ family was featured on Extreme Makeover Home Edition,on ABC earlier tonight.Extreme Makeover Home Edition, went to Holt, Michigan to rebuilt Arlene Nickless and her three sons 1860 crumbling old house.Here is a brief presentation of Tim Nickless:

Arlene Nickless was married to Tim Nickless, who was a true Renaissance man. Tim Nickless was a respected nurse, a gifted craftsman, mentor and environmentalist. Tim served as president of the Lansing Area Flying Aces model airplane club and was a member of the Arbor Day Society.Tragically, Tim Nickless also suffered from Hepatitis C. On January 18, 2008, Tim lost his seven-year battle with the disease and passed away. Tim had planned on turning a 148 year old farmhouse into a dream home for the Nickless family. However, since Tim has passed away, Arlene and her three sons have been left alone to deal with repairs on the house. The house is suffering from deteriorating walls, floors and foundation. The old wiring is even a potential fire hazard.

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