This is England 86 Episode 3 – Watch TV Series Online

THIS IS ENGLAND 86 Episode 3 – Watch TV Series Online – “This is England ‘86” Episode 3 which was written by Shane Meadows and Jack Thorne aired this week.

“This is England ‘86” is very close to its ending, with only one more episode on the table. Although the series is only three episodes deep, the character development has been fairly good throughout the course of the show so far. We learned that Lol who has had a hard time with her father’s return has been cheating on her boyfriend Woody with his best friend, Milky. Vicky McClure does a great job as always, but her character has not lived up to the expectations of many fans.

The show has also taken too much time building a storyline revolving Woody and his menial job. Although we understand the point that they are trying to make by showing him working the job, it simply is just not entertaining enough and does not add enough to the experience in the eyes of the viewer.
It is hard to sympathize with Lol, who has had a hard time but has created a situation that will ultimately make things worse for her in the long run. It would be surprising if we do not get to see her relationship officially end before the end of the show.

Nevertheless, despite the flaws that the show has, it has been able to earn a fairly large following. They portray fairly realistic characters, but have just not been able to put their stories together in a believable way. Episode three is not all that different from the previous episodes and explores many of the same topics that we have already been exposed to in “This is England ’86.”

In related news This Is England 86 will be released on DVD on October 11 for those who missed the four-part mini-series which picked up right where This Is England -the film left of.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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