The Whole Truth Episode 2: Watch Thicker Than Water Online S01E02

The Whole Truth Episode 2: Watch Thicker Than Water Online S01E02 – The Whole Truth episode 2 called “Thicker Than Water” which was directed by Christine Moore and written by Tom Donaghy aired last night on ABC.

When you know that you are beaten by the truth, you can always turn to the law. That is, if you believe the teachings of “The Whole Truth,” a show that attempts to take a look at the unique perspectives of two different lawyers who seemingly tackle opposite sides of all of the same cases. Each episode shows the different perspectives that they give their clients for each case, and really shows that two people can both be right about cases at certain times. It will be interesting to see how they are able to continually make the show interesting, with each episode having a similar premise.

No one thinks that they are a bad person, which is exactly what “The Whole Truth” is getting at. Everyone has their own justifications for the things that they do. Maura Tierney and Rob Morrow do an excellent job with their parts, and both have great range in their acting ability when a man in a wheelchair is found dead in New York Harbor.

Assistant District Attorney Kathryn Peale brings a charge of Murder Two against the man’s daughter. Jimmy Brogan defends the young woman against the charge
The show has received some critical acclaim, mostly for having an original concept, even if that concept is fairly unrealistic in its nature. The fact that the show dares to tackle two sides of court cases makes it interesting. Each episode you will have a side to relate to, as each lawyer provides the audience with a different outlook.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

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