The Walking Dead TV Show: New AMC Television Series

The Walking Dead TV Show: New AMC Television Series – The title may be less than ideal, but the message is just what it sounds like: “The Walking Dead”, the new horror series from American Movie Classics, is going to be incredible.

A trailer was released at Comic-Con this year to those lucky enough to be there to see it, and buzz it generated was intense. People from all over the web were screeching about the potential of the show, but most of us didn’t get a glimpse. Until now.

The 4:35 trailer was released this afternoon, and it seems to be everything that the initial reviews promised, which is nothing short of amazing.

It tells the story of a sheriff who is shot in the line of duty. When he wakes up in a hospital, no one is there and the world is torn apart. Bodies are everywhere and the town is all but deserted, with his wife and son missing.

He finds someone to tell him what is going on, a man and his son who seem like they might be a part of the regular cast. The sheriff learns that a virus caused the Zombie Apocalypse, and the world has been thrown into chaos.

Few survivors are left, but he hopes his family are among them. So, he sets off on a horse through the demolished state, fighting off the zombie hordes along the way.

It is stylish, interesting, and while the concept is a bit overdone, the idea of zombies never can be.

“The Walking Dead” will be released on AMC this Halloween.

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