The Shield Finale:Series Final Episode

The Shield Finale:Series Final Episode

The Shield Finale:Series Final EpisodeThe “Shield” Finale aired last night on FX.The Shield” Finale summary is as followed:

Vic’s ex wife asks to be put into the witness protection program while Vic and Ronnie successfully take down the Mexican cartel leader.
Shane kills his pregnant wife and child, then commit suicide leaving an unfinished suicide note after being told that Vic has already made an immunity deal.
Vic is then brought into the barn one last time to witness the crime scene photos of Shane’s suicide and murdered wife.
Ronnie is arrested in front of Vic so they can confront each other verbally while being walked into the cage. Later when Vic returns to the ICE headquarters, he learns he was being placed behind a desk for the three years required service or he will be prosecuted for everything he had confessed to. As the lights turn off automatically at 6pm, he retrieves his gun from the desk drawer and places it behind his back. He leaves and his fate is left unknown.

That’s all we have for now on The Shield Finale:Series Final Episode.

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