The Paul Reiser Show Cancelled

This is what he gets for betraying Ripley in the movie “Aliens”.

Paul Rieser, comedian, actor, etc. has had his new sitcom pulled, canceled by NBC, “The Paul Reiser Show” after only two episodes.

The show was so uninteresting that it captured the lowest television ratings in network history with 3.3 million viewers and got a 1.1 rating in what is the key 18 year old to 49 year old demographic. Not only that but the show dropped 18 percent from episode one to episode two.

Things get more brutal than this as NBC is going to replace Reiser’s show with repeats of “The Office”.

Reiser had been a star of the super popular show “Mad About You” co-starring Oscar Winner Helen Hunt. That show ran in the top spot for years but somehow audiences didn’t warm up to this latest show and NBC put a harpoon in it before it had the chance to swim.

This type of cancellation has happened before and sometimes fans rallied up to bring television shows back like what happened in the late 1960’s with “Star Trek”.

Even now after ABC cancelled the two soap operas “One Life to Live” and “All My Children” a groundswell has grown to get the shows back on the air including a boycott by major vacuum cleaner company Hoover that has sponsored such shows since day one.

Whether Reiser gets a second chance is up to the fans. If NBC gets enough protests they’ll consider running the final episodes to see what happens.

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