The Office Season 7 Premiere 2010: Watch Nepotism Online S07E01

The Office Season 7 Premiere 2010: Watch Nepotism Online S07E01 – The Office season 7 episode 1 called “Nepotism” which was directed by Jeffrey Blitz and written by Daniel Chun aired this evening on NBC.

Steve Carell returned for his 7th and final season portraying Michael Scott on “The Office.” His return has been much awaited as many fans have spent the offseason watching last season’s amazing episodes, during which we were treated to the wedding of Jim and Pam (which has been a very long time coming),the arrival of their baby as well as watching Michael Scott develop, albeit a little bit, as a person and a boss.

Some have speculated that the departure of the show’s main character could bring “The Office” to its knees. Well, with rumors floating around that have the producers considering a number of different actors to fill a new role, it looks like the network is planning to move on without Carell and do their best to adapt to the new atmosphere.

This season which opened using the tune ‘Nobody But Me’ by the Human Beinz introduced us to a new, young assistant into the office named Luke Cooper aka the world’s worst assistant who screws up the coffee order ,calls people by cruel nicknames and believes bagel chips go with (soy) ice cream not mentioning he points laser pointers into people’s eyes, and is Michael’s nephew.

Pam and Jim, everyone’s favorite couple, also returned with their new baby this season and will be batted some tough times of their own. Most fans are expecting this year to be the best one yet, culminating in a huge event that will force Michael Scott to leave his post as manager of the office.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on The Office season 7 episode 1.

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