The Middle Season 2 Episode 3: Watch The Diaper Incident Online S02E03

The Middle Season 2 Episode 3: Watch The Diaper Incident Online S02E03 – The Middle season 2 episode 3 “The Diaper Incident” which was directed by Vijal Patel and written by Wendey Stanzler aired this evening on ABC.

The third episode of the second season, “The Middle” is taking things in a new direction with “The Diaper Incident.” They go shopping for baby diapers for Sue who was babysitting, and while they are out Frankie is completely humiliated when a clerk assumes that she is shopping for adult diapers and not for baby diapers.

It is a hilarious scene, but you have to feel for Frankie who tells him :“I can still have babies. I could be pregnant right now.”

Meanwhile, after Frankie got on Mike’s case because she believes that men fall apart faster than women as they age (while urging him to take better care of himself,) she accidentally throws out her back and tries to hide in from Mike. Coincidentally, he received a clean bill of health from his doctor, and is feeling confident.
In the episode Brick looks deeper into the urban legends that parents used to tell their kids to find out which ones are true, but is disappointed when he learns that a vast majority of them are false and eventually tells his mom “I rode home with a stranger today and I’m perfectly fine.”Frankie once told him “The president outlawed candy for kids under ten.”

Sue on the other had a field of a day when she starts falling deeply in love with Sean and her insane friend Carly makes things go from bad to worst for the poor girl.

The episode is an interesting one, and is much better than many of the episodes that we saw alas season. The fact that Frankie becomes so embarrassed in the grocery store when they think she is looking for adult diapers is hilarious, and makes for one of the best moments in the history of the show.

What are your thoughts on the episode?

That’s all we have for now on The Middle season 2 episode 3.

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